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    Monitoring vessel traffic in the Ross Sea Region MPA

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    Delegation of the USA
    Submitted By:
    Ms Mi Ae Kim (United States of America)
    Approved By:
    Mr Evan T. Bloom (United States of America)

    Paragraph 24 of Conservation Measure (CM) 91-05 addresses the monitoring of vessel traffic within the Ross Sea Region Marine Protected Area (MPA). Flag States are required to notify the Secretariat prior to the entry of their fishing vessels into the MPA. Vessels conducting scientific research activities on Antarctic marine living resources (AMLR) in or transiting the area are encouraged to inform the Secretariat of their plans for intended passage through the MPA.  With entry into force of the MPA occurring in December 2017, the United States proposes for consideration by Members, options to ensure effective and efficient monitoring of vessel traffic in the MPA, as per CM 91-05, paragraph 24.