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    Proposal to modify Conservation Measure 10-05 to establish transparency related to the total catch, transhipment and landing of toothfish

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    Document Number:
    Delegation of the USA
    Submitted By:
    Mr Jonathan Kelsey (United States of America)
    Approved By:
    Mr Evan T. Bloom (United States of America)

    The United States proposes to amend the CCAMLR electronic catch documentation system (e-CDS) and Conservation Measure 10-05 to better document the harvest and subsequent movements of Dissostichus spp. Under the current system, Dissostichus spp. are documented when they are landed by the harvesting vessel or by the transshipment vessel at landing. This proposal seeks to document the harvesting vessel’s catch, as well as the amount and description of catch that is transshipped, and to capture multiple landings from a single harvest event. These improvements will enable the use of the e-CDS to track all Dissostichus spp. moving in trade back to the original harvest event and strengthen the ability of CCAMLR Members to prevent trade in illegally-harvested fish.