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    A representative system of CCAMLR MPAs: taking stock and moving forward

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    Document Number:
    CCAMLR-XXXVI/BG/25 Rev. 2
    Submitted by ASOC
    Submitted By:
    Ms Claire Christian (ASOC)
    Approved By:
    Ms Claire Christian (ASOC)

    The adoption of the Ross Sea MPA in 2016 marked "the end of the beginning" of the CCAMLR MPA designation process started over a decade earlier. Additional MPAs will demonstrate that the Ross Sea MPA designation was not a one-off for CCAMLR, but rather one important step in establishing a representative system of MPAs in the Convention Area. This paper provides an overview of the progress made by CCAMLR toward establishing a representative system of MPAs in the Southern Ocean, including spatial gaps. To achieve further progress on MPAs, Members should adopt a pragmatic approach that prioritises meeting the ecosystem protection, scientific and climate change objectives of CM 91-04, and also realises the potential of MPAs to enhance science and governance in Antarctica, including with respect to implementing the objectives of Article II (iii) of the CAMLR Convention.

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