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    Proposal on a conservation measure establishing a marine protected area in the Domain 1 (Western Antarctic Peninsula and South Scotia Arc)

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    Delegations of Argentina and Chile
    Submitted By:
    Mr Tomás Moller Poulsen (Argentina)
    Approved By:
    Mr Máximo Gowland (Argentina)

    Since 2002, CCAMLR has been working on the development of a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) with the aim of conserving marine biodiversity in the Convention Area. Consistent with this goal and taking into account the singularities of the Western Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) and South Scotia Arc region, the delegations of Argentina and Chile propose the establishment of an MPA in the Planning Domain 1 (D1MPA), to protect representative habitats for marine living resources, preserve ecosystem processes, protect vital areas for zooplankton, fish, mammal and bird life-cycles, and maintain reference areas for scientific research and monitoring. This proposal is consistent with Conservation Measure 91-04 (2011) and the recommendations and scientific conclusions discussed since 2012 by the Commission, Scientific Committee and its Working Groups, including those of the Domain 1 Expert Group.