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    CCAMLR and climate change: the need for urgent action

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    Submitted by ASOC
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    Ms Claire Christian
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    Ms Claire Christian

    CCAMLR Members have acknowledged that climate change poses a major threat to Southern Ocean ecosystems but have yet to adopt a comprehensive approach to responding to climate change in the Convention Area. In this paper, ASOC highlights two major scientific articles that were published this year in which scientists propose scenarios for the future of Antarctica and the planet in a changing climate. These papers demonstrate the dramatic consequences of not addressing climate change, but also emphasize that these consequences can be prevented if the right policies are implemented now. There is a rapidly closing window for the world to take action. Climate change requires a coordinated global response, and every governance body including CCAMLR must do its part, and seek to integrate its actions with other efforts.

    ASOC therefore recommends that CCAMLR:

    • Improves collaboration with other international organizations and institutions.
    • Incorporates climate change considerations into decisions and actions.
    • Implements an overarching climate change strategy and work program.
    • Designates a network of marine protected areas (MPAs).