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    Full Name
    Harmonisation Symposium 2024
    Incheon, Korea
    Meeting Start Date/Time:
    Meeting End Date/Time:
    Submissions Due
    Monday, 17 June 2024 - 09:00 Australia/Hobart (Working Group Paper)

    Detailed information is available in our support forum, which includes the process for submitting papers and revisions.

      Preliminary Agenda

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      1     Welcome

      Participants will be welcomed to the Symposium and informed about various housekeeping details (e.g., breaks, restrooms, health and safety, etc.). The agenda and schedule for the Symposium will be reviewed.

      2     Introduction and Background

      Participants will review background information and advice related to harmonising krill fishery management and the D1MPA originating from the Symposium Steering Committee, WG-EMM, and Members. The review will include consideration of management and conservation objectives and views on staging the approach so that implementation occurs in different subareas at different times. 

      The Symposium will consider policy-focused papers that are submitted by Members, but scientific papers will be forwarded to WG-EMM. All papers submitted by Members will be taken “as read” (COMM CIRC 24/32, SC CIRC 24/25). The deadline for submission of policy papers and scientific papers is the same (17 June 2024). Papers will not be translated.

      a. Papers submitted by the Symposium Steering Committee

      b. Advice from WG-EMM (see WG-EMM-2024, Agenda Item 5)

      c. Summary of policy-focused papers submitted by Members

      3     Near-Term Harmonisation

      Participants will discuss how krill fishery management, the D1MPA, and various time-area closures (e.g., the VRZs and a potential closure to reduce threats to South Shetland Antarctic fur seals) can be harmonised, recognising that implementation may first occur in Subarea 48.1 and later progress to Subarea 48.2. Discussion will focus on reconciling adjustment to the catch limit for krill, including seasonal and spatial distribution of catches, with protection of one or more areas to be included in the D1MPA. As each topic is discussed, relevant advice from WG-EMM will be considered.

      a. Reconciling catch limits for krill and General Protection Zones in the D1MPA.

      b. Boundaries and authorised (or prohibited) activities within management units for the krill fishery and zones of the D1MPA, with scenario-specific review of achievement of the objectives for krill-fishery management and the D1MPA.

      c. Data collection required to simultaneously support a revision to the management strategy for the krill fishery and protection of one or more areas within the D1MPA.

      d. Additional time-area closures required to meet objectives not satisfactorily and simultaneously addressed by the revised management approach for the krill fishery and establishment of the D1MPA, and why, where, and when such closures would be needed.

      4     Conservation Measures to Implement Harmonisation

      Participants will identify which Conservation Measures need to be revised to implement the first stage of a harmonised approach. Participants may draft revised text for consideration at CCAMLR-43. If new Conservation Measures are needed, those will also be scoped and, if possible, drafted.


      5     Longer-Term Harmonisation

      Participants will discuss additional stages needed to implement a harmonised approach over the longer term. Discussion may address additional requirements for data collection, new or revised boundaries and management provisions for the krill fishery and the D1MPA, and needs for additional time-area closures.

      6     Report Adoption

      Participants will adopt the Report of the Symposium. Given the time and resources available, the Report will be short, succinct, and focused on outcomes rather than narrative of the discussion. The Secretariat will rapporteur.

      7     Close of the Symposium