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    A Risk Assessment and ancillary approaches to facilitate the management of the krill fishery as envisaged by WG-EMM-2019

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    Delegations of the United Kingdom and Australia
    Submitted By:
    Professor Philip Trathan
    Approved By:
    Dr Chris Darby

    WG-EMM-2019 mapped out a revised management strategy which provides the highest likelihood that CCAMLR will be able to update its management of the krill fishery in subareas 48.1-4 by the time CM 51-07 expires. A key element of this procedure is the extension of the Risk Assessment to enable catches to be distributed across the area taking account of estimated predator demand. We request that CCAMLR allocate funds from the General Science Capacity Fund to enable this component of the strategy identified by WG-EMM-2019 it to be delivered in a timely fashion.