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    Update on the proposed designation of a newly-exposed marine area adjacent to Pine Island Glacier (Subarea 88.3) as a Stage 2 Special Area for Scientific Study

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    S.M. Grant, L. Ireland, A.E. Hogg, K. Gohl, H.J. Griffiths, K.L. Linse and P.N. Trathan
    Submitted By:
    Professor Philip Trathan
    Approved By:
    Ms Kylie Bamford (United Kingdom)

    As highlighted during the Commission meeting in 2019 (CCAMLR-39, paragraphs 6.6 to 6.14), the designation of a Special Area for Scientific Study under Conservation Measure 24-04 adjacent to Pine Island Glacier would be appropriate and timely. This is an area of significant interest for research on benthic ecology and evolution, past climate, bathymetric controls on glacier calving events, and
    oceanographic drivers of ice loss. The designation of a Stage 2 SASS would facilitate and encourage such research to be undertaken in this region.

    With the information provided in this paper, supplementary to the requirements of CM 24-04, we have addressed the request for further details information set out by the Commission in CCAMLR-38, paragraph 6.13. We encourage Members to review this information and to proceed towards the designation of this area as a Stage 2 Special Area for Scientific Study, in accordance with the
    provisions of Conservation Measure 24-04.