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    Integrating climate change research into the work of the Scientific Committee and its working groups: Terms of Reference for the e-Group ‘Climate change impacts & CCAMLR’

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    Delegations of the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France, Norway, Sweden and USA
    Submitted By:
    Professor Philip Trathan
    Approved By:
    Dr Chris Darby (United Kingdom)

    Understanding and addressing climate change impacts in the Southern Ocean is of critical importance for managing risks to Antarctic marine living resources and falls within CCAMLR’s remit. We encourage the Scientific Committee to progress the integration of climate change considerations into its management advice to the Commission. To facilitate this, we recommend that the Scientific Committee endorses the addition of the proposed Terms of Reference set out below for the Climate change impacts and CCAMLR e-Group and continues to utilise this e-Group to progress particular activities in support of identifying and integrating relevant scientific research outputs on climate change into the work of the Scientific Committee and its Working Groups. This work will enable the Scientific Committee to assess the risks presented by climate change, and to ensure the Commission takes timely responses to address such risks.