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    Update on the emperor penguin – vulnerable to projected rates of warming and sea-ice loss

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    SC-CAMLR-40/09 Rev. 1
    P. Trathan, S. Grant, K. Hughes, M. Hindell, S. Labrousse, M. LaRue, A. Lynnes, Y. Ropert-Coudert, B. Wienecke and S. Jenouvrier
    Submitted By:
    Dr Phil Trathan (United Kingdom)
    Approved By:
    Dr Chris Darby (United Kingdom)

    The vulnerability of the emperor penguin to ongoing and projected climate change was considered at SC-CAMLR-38. Subsequently, a group of international experts was convened under the auspices of SCAR, providing a report to ATCM XLIII - CEP XXIII. The outcomes of this work will have relevance to the ATCM, CEP and possibly CCAMLR, because of its implications for species-related conservation decision-making and conservation planning.

    We attach as an Annex to the paper, the draft revised Action Plan now posted on the CEP Intersessional Contact Group, inviting advice from the Scientific Committee.

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