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    State and results of Pygoscelis penguin population monitoring at CEMP sites by time-lapse cameras in the Vernadsky station area in 2021/22 season

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    O. Savenko, V. Tkachenko, G. Milinevsky, A. Simon and L. Pshenichnov
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    Dr Kostiantyn Demianenko (Ukraine)
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    Dr Kostiantyn Demianenko (Ukraine)

    Gentoo  (Pygoscelis  papua)  penguin  colonies  count  at  GAI  CEMP  site  has  been  provided during 2021/22 breeding season. The penguin count by visual observations has been performed at Galindez Island. The detailed observation of  Gentoo  birds’  arrival, nesting, hatch and crèche has been provided in two sub-colonies GPP1, GPP2 at GAI CEMP site. Before the start of the breeding season, CEMP cameras were checked and repaired. One camera was shooting steadily from April 14 to September 27, 2021; the other one was damaged and  replaced. In addition, three new cameras were  installed  at  two  of  the  new  nesting  sites.  Due  to  unfavorable  sea  ice  conditions  near  the Galindez Island, observers managed to get to Yalour Islands for the first time in the  2021/22 Adélie penguins  (Pygoscelis  adeliae)  breeding  season  in  January  26,  2022.  Peterman  Island  was  first visited only in February 10, 2022. All three cameras at Peterman Island and three cameras at Yalour Islands  have been operating successfully since the end of March  2021  (Peterman)  and 11 April, 2021  (Yalour). Because the  expansion of Gentoo penguins further south is observed  we are going to increase the number of CEMP sites for monitoring.