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    Shipboard field operations conducted during the 1989 austral summer by the US Antarctic Marine Living Resources (AMLR) Program

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    Field research activities conducted aboard the NOAA Ship Surveyor during the 1989 austral summer in waters adjacent to the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia are described. Operations included 1) ice seal studies in Gerlache Strait, 2) ichthyoplankton survey around South Georgia, 3) benthic survey for fish and invertebrates around South Georgia, 4) measurements of air and surface water C02 content, 5) detailed bathymetric mapping, 6) pelagic bird and marine mammal observations, 7) sampling for fish age and growth studies, 8) hydroacoustic survey for krill around Elephant and King George Islands, 9) net sampling for krill in association with the hydroacoustic survey, 10) sampling for larval krill and associated measurements of sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a, 11) observations of bird densities associated with krill distribution, and 12) collection of cephlapod specimens.

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