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    Beach debris survey – Main Bay, Bird Island, South Georgia 1999/2000

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    During the tenth year of standardised beach surveys of man-made debris at Bird Island, South Georgia, a total of 408 items was collected. This represents a 92% increase on the total of 213 items collected in 1998/99, but is consistent with numbers in years prior to the 1998/99. A dramatic increase (310%) in the number of items collected over winter (April - September) from 41 items in 1998/99 to 168 items in 1999/2000 and a 40% increase in the number of items collected during summer reflect a return to the levels observed prior to 1998/99. Debris associated with fisheries remains the major constituent of all beach debris collected. This is a cause for concern, and suggests that CCAMLR needs to enhance its campaign to reduce the amount of man-made debris jettisoned into the Southern Ocean by fishing vessels.