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    Beach debris survey – Main Bay, Bird Island, South Georgia 2000/01

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    During the eleventh year of standardised beach surveys of man-made debris at Bird Island, South Georgia, a total of 290 items were collected. This represents a 33.3% decrease on the total of 408 items recorded in 1999/00 and the lowest levels of summer beach debris (147 items) since the 1994/95 season. The difference between the number of items collected in the summer and winter months is the lowest since reporting began, with only 4 items more collected in the summer than in the winter. Nylon line, and associated fishing gear, accounted for the majority of marine debris (51% of the total), but to a lesser extent than in previous years, whilst miscellaneous debris accounted for almost as great a proportion of all debris (45%). Marine debris remains a cause for concern, and the survey results for this period indicate that continued monitoring and CCAMLR effort is required to further decrease levels, and ensure compliance with the correct waste disposal procedures for both domestic and fishing-related waste.