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    Proposal for developing and editing documents to support the communication of science from the Scientific Committee using the Secretariat’s existing report development tool

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    Delegation of Australia
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    Dr Andrew Constable (Australia)

    WG-EMM recently requested that SC-CAMLR consider developing a communications strategy.  With the advent of the web-based technology for rapporteurs and Members to jointly develop reports of meetings, the Secretariat has indicated that it would be possible to use a similar approach for developing and adopting reports on specific topics, such as fishery reports, and making them rapidly available.  It is proposed that the Scientific Committee develop an expanded set of reference documents as part of its strategy for communicating the history and status of its science to the Commission, the wider scientific community and the public. It is also proposed that the Secretariat’s web-based approach for developing meeting reports be used as the basis for developing these reference documents.  This proposal does not aim to have a number of documents developed quickly but more to identify documents that might be useful and then provide mechanisms for interested Members and the Secretariat to develop these as time and resources permit.  Fishery Reports and CCAMLR’s Approach to Management could be the first documents to be edited and updated using this approach.

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