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    Updated assessment of the risks of status quo krill fishing and proposed revisions to Conservation Measure 51-07

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    Delegation of the USA
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    Dr George Watters (United States of America)
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    Dr George Watters (United States of America)

    We used an ecosystem model to assess the risks of 1) the most recent distribution of krill catches in Subareas 48.1-48.3 and 2) current proposals to increase the catch limit in Subarea 48.1. Our results show that the concentration of fishing effort since 2009 increases the risks that predator populations will be depleted and unable to recover. These risks vary among predators and SSMUs and would be exacerbated by increased catches in Subarea 48.1. We briefly discuss the implications of our results and alternative approaches for spatial management of the krill fishery.

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