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    CCAMLR research and exploratory fishing: commercial fishing disguised as scientific research

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    Submitted by ASOC
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    Ms Claire Christian
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    Ms Claire Christian

    This paper highlights ASOC’s concern that research under Conservation Measure 24-01 and exploratory fishing conservation measures are not meeting the objectives of the Convention. Research and exploratory fishing activities are not increasing our understanding of the fished species and its impact on the ecosystem, putting the future of Antarctic marine living resources at risk.

    The Second Performance Review and several Scientific Committee working groups have raised concerns regarding the current approach to research and exploratory fishing within the CCAMLR Area (SC-CAMLR XXXVI/01, SC-CAMLR XXXVI, WG-SAM-18). ASOC strongly supports the need to address these concerns and recommends that CCAMLR:

    • Form regional high-level strategies detailing relevant area-based objectives, priorities, research plans, and reporting requirements.
    • Establish clear standardised requirements for research, new, and exploratory fishing including the restriction of research fishing under CM 24-01 to non-commercial research surveys.
    • Align all current and future new or exploratory fishing activities with research priorities set regionally.