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    Is CCAMLR science keeping up?

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    Submitted by ASOC
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    Ms Claire Christian
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    Ms Claire Christian

    This paper raises a question about CCAMLR’s capacity and commitment to regularly review and update its conservation measures in the light of emerging environmental changes, latest scientific understandings associated with those changes, and advances in prevention or mitigation technologies, including those developed by experts from outside of the ‘CCAMLR club’. Two examples were considered: the protection of VMEs and the mitigation of marine debris and plastic pollution.  This consideration concluded that both these issues require urgent review to ensure the relevant management measures reflect both current environmental conditions and are based on the latest knowledge or best available science.

    ASOC recommends that CCAMLR:

    • Implement a process to ensure regular review of conservation measures that are not automatically updated on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.
    • Encourage broader engagement of relevant global experts in issues of interest to CCAMLR’s membership.
    • Review and update urgently current VME-related CMs and processes and marine debris guidelines to reflect current scientific knowledge of impact and mitigation methodologies.