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    Full Name
    Standing Committee on Administration and Finance
    Hobart, Australia
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    Submissions Due
    Saturday, 8 September 2012 - 00:00 Australia/Hobart (Background Paper)
    Meeting Report:
    e-cc-xxxi-a7.pdf (171.69 KB)

      Preliminary Agenda

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      4     Finance and administration

      Agenda Item 4 will be facilitated by the Chair of the Standing Committee on Administration and Finance (SCAF).

      4.1     Audited Financial Statements for 2011
      4.2     Secretariat matters

      The Commission will consider various financial and administrative matters affecting the Secretariat since CCAMLR-XXX.  These will include:

      • Report from the Executive Secretary on the implementation of the Secretariat’s Strategic Plan (CCAMLR-XXX, Annex 5, paragraphs 9 to 21)
      • Staff Regulations and Staff Contract Review (CCAMLR-XXX, Annex 5, paragraph 21).


      4.3     Budgets for 2012, 2013 and 2014

      The Commission will consider proposed changes to the adopted budget for 2012, adopt the budget for 2013 and note a forecast budget for 2014.  Issues associated with the Commission’s Contingency Fund, Special and Other Funds, including fees for new and exploratory fisheries applications, will be included in these considerations. Finalisation of the budget for 2012 and the forecast budget for 2014 will be done under Agenda Item 10 to accommodate issues with financial implications raised elsewhere in the agenda.

      4.4     Members’ contributions

      Consistent with past practice, the Commission will consider the application of Financial Regulation 5.6 concerning the timing of Members’ contribution payments.

      4.5     Review of Financial Regulations