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    Background for evaluation of the suitability of the software suite Large Scale Survey System (LSSS) for inspection and processing of acoustic data from krill fishing vessels

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    Document Number:
    SG-ASAM-14/02 Rev. 1
    G. Skaret and R.J. Korneliussen (Norway)
    Submitted By:
    Ms Doro Forck (CCAMLR Secretariat)

    The coordinated collection of acoustic data from the krill fishing fleet will potentially lead to large amounts of stored raw data of variable quality, which need to be scrutinised and processed in order to provide useful information. Different software packages are available to accomodate this. This document provides some background for evaluating the capacity of the software suite Large Scale Software System (LSSS), which is designed for handling large amounts of acoustic data. Through example data from the krill fishing vessel ’Juvel’ it is here demonstrated that LSSS has flexible and efficient data loading, pre-processing and database functionality. The well-documented Simrad standard ’.raw’ data format is used as LSSS native format, while other formats have to be converted.