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    Title Location Date(s) Report
    WG-ASAM-2024 Cambridge, United Kingdom to
    WG-ASAM-2023 Tokyo, Japan to e-sc-42-a4.pdf (1.18 MB)
    WG-ASAM-2022 Online to e-sc-41-a05.pdf (2.08 MB)
    WG-ASAM-2021 Online to e-sc-40-a4.pdf (325.69 KB)
    WG-ASAM-2020 Tokyo, Japan Postponed
    SG-ASAM-2019 Bergen, Norway to e-sc-38-a6.pdf (247.16 KB)
    SG-ASAM-18 Punta Arenas, Chile to e-sc-xxxvii-a4.pdf (339.19 KB)
    SG-ASAM-17 Qingdao, People's Republic of China to e-sc-xxxvi-a04.pdf (1014.16 KB)
    SG-ASAM-16 La Jolla, USA to e-sc-xxxv-a04.pdf (163.47 KB)
    SG-ASAM-15 Busan, Republic of Korea to e-sc-xxxiv-a4.pdf (794.6 KB)
    SG-ASAM-14 Qingdao, People's Republic of China to e-sc-xxxiii-a4.pdf (1.4 MB)
    SG-ASAM-12 Bergen, Norway to e-sc-xxxi-a04.pdf (195.55 KB)
    SG-ASAM-10 Cambridge, UK to e-sc-xxix-a5.pdf (344.98 KB)
    SG-ASAM-09 Ancona, Italy to e-sc-xxviii-a8.pdf (167.92 KB)
    SG-ASAM-07 Cambridge, UK to e-sc-xxvi-a8.pdf (1.03 MB)
    SG-ASAM-06 Hobart, Australia to e-sc-xxv-a6.pdf (240.93 KB)
    SG-ASAM-05 La Jolla, USA to e-sc-xxiv-a6.pdf (498.97 KB)