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    Los pinguinos y el hombre (the penguins and the man)

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    J.C.Ricca, M.A. Porretti and D.F. Vergani (Argentina)
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    “The penguins and the man” is a video made with the three main goals, the first two are general, for the scientific communities and the third is an specific one, to introduce argentine people involved in work for CEMP.
    1.- The first objective is to show basic biology of adelie penguins necesary to understand principles of CEMP standard methods.
    2.- The second is to introduce philosophical principles of the Convention and CEMP.
    3.- The third is to show to argentine workers, specially for their first time in Antarctica, how is the way and the work that they will do.
    It was made under recommendation of WG CEMP (Stockholm 1990) endorsed by the Scientific Committee ( Report Ninth Meeting of the Scientific Committee pag 38 5.17). The video was made in PAL N system.