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    Analysis of krill trawling positions in the area north of the South Shetland Islands (Antarctic Peninsula area) from 1980/81 to 1998/99

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    S. Kawaguchi (Japan)
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    Positions of commercial krill operation for 1980/81 season to 1998/99 season in the area to the north of South Shetland Islands were analyzed by using GLM (generalized linear model). Fishing season, the timing, and the longitude were significant factors to explain the variability of latitudes where operations were undertaken. Operations tended take place in the north in early 1980s, but from mid-1980 onwards, they tended to happen in the south, with exceptions of 1994/95 and 1995/96 seasons. Predicted latitudes of operation significantly correlated with Salp densities in the Elephant Island area (Spearman's rank correlation , p<0.05), but not with krill densities. This may be due to the intention of fishing vessels to reduce the salp in the products.