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    Krill processing factors

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    D. Rogers (USA)
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    There is a wealth of earlier papers on the topic of krill processing dominated by the works of Grantham (1977) “The Utilization of Krill”, Budzinski et al (1985), “The Possibilities of Processing and Marketing of Products Made from Antarctic Krill”, and from works produced by J. K McElroy (1980-82). Within these papers are the fundamentals of product yields and the framework for determining market prices for Krill Products.
    Yield Estimates from round (Whole) Krill are as follows from McElroy (1980-82):
    Whole Uncooked Krill- Frozen 100%
    Whole Cooked Krill-Frozen 90%
    Whole Uncooked Krill Centrifuged (Gutted) Frozen 80%
    Krill Mince-centrifuged 60%
    Krill Mince-Uncentrifuged 80%
    Krill Tail Meat 15%
    Krill Meal without Stickwater Recovery 15%
    Krill Meal with Stickwater Recovery 21%.
    In summary, krill production has some time of uncertainty ahead due to a shake out of the industry, with departure of older vessels and technology and uncertain markets for the mid term future for higher value human products.