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    Krill fishery information

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    This paper reviews information from krill fisheries operating in the CCAMLR Convention Area during the period July 1999 to June 2001. During that period, 14 vessels targeted krill in Area 48 during the 1999/2000 season (July 1999 to June 2000). A total of 104259 t of krill was caught, of which 69954 t were taken from Subarea 48.1, 28649 t from Subarea 48.2, 4671 t from Subarea 48.3, and 985 t from within Area 48 (subarea not specified). Between July and November 2000, 11 vessels targeted krill in Area 48, and the total catch of krill reported during that period was 30175 t. The 2000/01 fishing season for krill began on 1 December 2000 and ends on 30 November 2001. The total krill catch reported to date (17 June 2001) for the 2000/01 season is 45223 t; 9 vessels are believed to be fishing. No fishing was reported in Areas 58 and 88.
    At the request of SC-CAMLR-XIX, a draft Fishery Plan for the krill fishery is also presented as a means of refining the procedure and generating future discussion.