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    Comparison of 1981 FIBEX survey and 2000 CCAMLR survey on oceanographic variability in the Scotia Sea, Antarctica

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    M. Naganobu and Y. Yoda (Japan)
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    We compared physical parameters (temperature, salinity, density and geostrophic current) in order to investigate differences of oceanographic structures in the same area and summer season between the 1981 FIBEX survey and 2000 CCAMLR survey in the Scotia Sea, Antarctica. As a result, the distribution range of the cold Antarctic Surface Water less than 0°C in the 1981 FIBEX survey is clearly larger than the 2000 CCAMLR survey. In other words, the differences of the both surveys suggested that the Antarctic Surface Water in the 2000 CCAMLR survey as a whole reduced to the south compared with the 1981 FIBEX survey.

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