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    Integrated analyses of circumpolar climate interactions and ecosystem dynamics in the Southern Ocean (ICED)

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    E.J. Murphy (United Kingdom), E. Hofmann (USA) and R. Cavanagh (United Kindom)
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    ICED is a multidisciplinary, international initiative recently launched in response to the increasing need to develop integrated circumpolar analyses of Southern Ocean ecosystems. The long-term goal of ICED is to develop a coordinated circumpolar approach to understand climate interactions in the Southern Ocean, the implications for ecosystem dynamics, the impacts on biogeochemical cycles, and the development of management procedures. CCAMLR community scientists have been instrumental in developing this initiative, and a key aim of ICED is to link with CCAMLR scientists to develop management procedures that include relevant aspects of the wider operation of ocean ecosystems. This document describes the current status of ICED and is aimed at further developing links with the CCAMLR scientific community in order to maximise the impact of science on the management of Southern Ocean ecosystems.