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    Krill fishery report: 2006 update

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    This report on the krill fishery in Area 48 has been prepared in a format similar to the “Fishery Reports” developed by WG-FSA in 2004. As reported to the CCAMLR Secretariat, 7 vessels from 5 Contracting Parties are fishing for krill in Area 48 in the 2005/06 season, and these vessels have taken 64415 t of krill to date. Two CCAMLR scientific observers have been deployed. The preliminary estimate of the total catch of krill for the season is approximately 97090 t. This compares with 127035 t of krill reported in the STATLANT data for 2004/05. All fine-scale data from Korea for 2004/05 are overdue, as they are currently still held on board the vessels. Every effort will be made to submit these data as soon as the vessels return to port.
    The report includes: Availability of fishery and observer data; Time series of catch by season, Contracting Party and small-scale management unit; Species composition of by-catch; Occurrence of incidental catches of seabirds and mammals; Development of measures of overlap between the krill fishery and krill predators; Consideration of the Conservation Measures in force in the fishery. Reference information on stock and areas, and parameters used in stock assessment are also included.