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    Information on krill in reports from the CCAMLR scheme of international observation and its utility for management

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    J. Foster, S. Nicol and S. Kawaguchi (Australia)
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    A preliminary analysis of the 32 reports submitted under the CCAMLR Scheme of International Observation revealed that there are a number of inconsistencies in the information being reported. Few reports have been submitted each year with a maximum of eight submitted in 2005. Very little information is reported from seasons other than winter. The areas being observed are heavily biased to Sub area 48.3. Information on fishing gear suggests great differences between vessels. Aspects of operational procedures are reported sporadically and inconsistently. Similarly, because of the differences in the information reported in individual Observer’s Reports it is difficult to assess the level of by-catch of larval fish or of vertebrates. Suggestions for changes to the Observer’s Reports are made to reduce ambiguities. Consistent reporting of Observer’s information, and comprehensive observer coverage in the krill fishery, appear to be the only way to achieve the aims of the Observation Scheme.