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    Five Members (6 vessels) are fishing for krill in Area 48 in 2008/09, and have taken 82849 t of krill to date (Norway 33482 t, Korea 23522 t, Japan 13515 t, Russia 9654 t, Poland 2676 t). Most of this catch was taken in Subarea 48.2 (51316 t) with the remainder in Subarea 48.1 (31533 t). The forecast total catch of krill for the current season falls in the range 109000-147000 t. This compares with 156521 t of krill reported in STATLANT data in 2007/08. Recent developments in the krill fishery include: improvements in the ‘haul-by-haul’ data from the continuous fishing system; a Ukrainian project to process and submit historic haul-by-haul data from approximately 57 expedition logbooks from the Soviet krill fishing fleet; and proposed improvements to conservation measures which apply to krill fisheries. The report also includes information on krill stocks, parameter estimation and stock assessment.

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