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    A proposal for compiling information, assessments and science that underpin established CCAMLR Marine Protected Areas and provide the basis for ongoing management, science and review: an MPA Report

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    A. Constable, M. Guest, D. Welsford (Australia), P. Koubbi (France) and L. Weragoda (Australia)
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    Admin Admin (CCAMLR Secretariat)

    The General Framework for the Establishment of CCAMLR Marine Protected Areas in Conservation Measure 91-04 provides the necessary guidance to the Commission for formulating a conservation measure for a CCAMLR Marine Protected Area and indicates a number of elements where advice may be given by the Scientific Committee.  We propose that a method is needed for consolidating and maintaining that advice in a readily accessible document, which can then form the basis for review, refinement and management of the MPAs. This document will also need a name that is easily referred to in the common language of the Commission.  We propose that an MPA Report be developed, following the designation of an MPA, to serve this purpose in the same way that Fishery Reports have been developed by the Scientific Committee to service the work of the Commission in reviewing and revising conservation measures governing fisheries in the Convention Area.  The justification is outlined in the paper.  We propose that the structure for an MPA report be consistent with the style of a Fishery Report, and include the following sections: (1) description of the region, (2) objectives to be achieved in the MPA(s), (3) historical activities, (4) assessments of the MPA and the effects of activities, (5) limits, and (6) research and monitoring plan. Such a report will mean that the Scientific Committee will not need to wait until a mandated review period arises before it assembles the relevant materials.  As a result, the process of maintaining the MPA Report will help define the role of the Scientific Committee in providing timely advice to the Commission on MPAs.