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    New contributions to penguin monitoring to help underpin the development of feedback management approaches for the Antarctic krill fishery

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    N. Ratcliffe, A. Fox, P. Fretwell, T. Hart and P. Trathan (United Kingdom)
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    Ms Doro Forck (CCAMLR Secretariat)

    In this paper we provide a brief summary of new plans for the study of penguin populations and associated population processes over the coming years. We envisage that our studies will provide new and up-to-date information about penguin population sizes and trends, and information about penguin survival, demography and phenology. We describe the range of new methodologies that we will employed, including digital aerial survey from manned and remote-controlled platforms, satellite remote sensing, automated individual recognition and weighing, and time-lapse camera and automated image analysis. These studies will inform our understanding of krill-eating penguins and have relevance to the development of various potential feedback management approaches for the krill fishery in the southwest Atlantic.