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    Short paper to CCAMLR on the ICED Southern Ocean food webs and scenarios workshop: ICED information paper for CCAMLR WG-EMM

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    R.D. Cavanagh, E.J. Murphy, S.L. Hill and N.M. Johnston (United Kingdom) (on behalf of the ICED workshop and ICED Scientific Steering Committee)
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    Mr Doug Cooper (CCAMLR Secretariat)

    The ICED programme is investigating how climate change might impact Southern Ocean ecosystems in order to help inform management of Southern Ocean fisheries. As part of this ICED convened a workshop in November 2013 on “Southern Ocean food webs and scenarios of change”, and is currently preparing an academic paper detailing the outputs, which are summarised here. ICED recognises the key role for CCAMLR in improving the basis for future monitoring and management of Southern Ocean ecosystems, and encourages active two-way engagement between the scientific community and CCAMLR.