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    Estimation of the green weight of krill caught

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    Mr Doug Cooper (CCAMLR Secretariat)

    Vessels operating in the krill fishery in CCAMLR’s Convention Area have been required to directly estimate the green weight of krill caught since 2012/13. The estimation methods were revised at WG-EMM-13 and published in Conservation Measure 21-03 Annex B. Estimates of green weight and parameter values are reported in each vessel’s haul-by-haul catch and effort data. This paper reviews the data reported in 2013/14 (to May 2014).

    Vessels fishing in 2013/14 used six methods for the direct estimation of the green weight of krill caught: codend volume, holding tank volume, flow meter, flow scale, plate tray and meal conversion. The submission of green weight estimates and parameter values continues to improve; however some vessels may still experience difficulty in measuring and/or reporting parameters at the required frequency. In addition, some data submissions included additional formulae to the CCAMLR data forms and these suggest that certain parameter values may have been back-calculated. This may indicate that some estimation methods (e.g. flow meter) require further development, or some parameters cannot be measured directly or safely. WG-EMM may wish to consider this matter further.