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    The importance of standardising and validating new methods for CEMP to maintain the robustness of long-term time series

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    C. Southwell and L. Emmerson (Australia)
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    Dr Colin Southwell (Australia)

    Recent discussions within WG-EMM have recognised the need for more spatially extensive, non-disturbing monitoring within CEMP against a background of increasingly tight funding for long-term monitoring programs. This recognition has generated interest in developing new methods for CEMP that can be applied over larger areas and multiple sites at low cost with minimal impact. Comparing, validating and standardising new methods against current methods is critical to maintain the robustness of long-term time series and is an important consideration for the inclusion of new methods in the CEMP. We briefly summarise aspects of recently published work on a number of new methods applied to Adélie penguins in East Antarctic to illustrate the importance of standardisation and validation. It is important that new methods are critically assessed before they are accepted for future use by CCAMLR.