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    CEMP cameras and satellite transmitters installation by Ukraine at the Galindez, Petermann, and Yalour Islands penguin colonies as a part of CEMP Fund projects

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    G. Milinevsky, I. Dykyy, D. Lutsenko, O. Savitsky, A. Simon, M. Telipska, V. Lytvynov and L. Pshenichnov
    Submitted By:
    Dr Leonid Pshenichnov (Ukraine)
    Approved By:
    Dr Kostiantyn Demianenko (Ukraine)

    In the report we inform shortly on the activity in the Ukrainian Vernadsky Antarctic Station area on service of CEMP cameras and installation ARGOS satellite tags in penguin colonies as part of the CEMP projects run by USA, Argentina, Poland and Ukraine 'Establishing a CEMP Camera Network in Subarea 48.1' and 'Tracking the overwinter habitat use of krill dependent predators from Subarea 48.1'. In season 2016/17 biologists winteres made service for nine cameras and downloaded pictures of 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons from cameras installed in penguine colonies at Petermann, Yalour and Galindez Islands. Cameras overwintered succesfully and data for full breeding cycle of penguin in 2016/17 season have been collected. Fifteen ARGOS satellite tags have been installed in the adult gentoo penguins in Galindez Island colony. Photo sequences for all breeding activity at three sites have been processd partly only due to late arrival of Ukraine expedition to Kyiv. The training of new winterers-biologists who will work at Vernadsky in 2017/18 season has been provided for CEMP methods and for visual observations in Galindez colony for future camera validation