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    Updates on krill biomass estimates for the combined strata in Subarea 48.1

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    Document Number:
    WG-EMM-2022/25 Rev. 1
    X. Wang, X. Zhao, Y. Zhao and Y. Ying
    Submitted By:
    Dr Xinliang Wang (China)
    Approved By:
    Dr Xianyong Zhao (China)

    At its 2022 meeting, the WG-ASAM updated the krill biomass estimates for the seven proposed strata (namely the JI, BS, EI, SSIW, GS, PB and DP) in Subarea 48.1. However the biomass estimates with its associated CV for the combined strata, has not been provided yet, which is critical for generating the Precautionary Catch Limit (PCL) using the GrYM model output. Here we provide the biomass estimates for the combined strata following the two options proposed in Annex 8, SC-CAMLR 40. In addition, the rationales for choosing the 5-years averaging window of acoustic estimates were discussed for consideration to progress the new krill management approach.