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    VNIRO program on remote monitoring of oceanographic conditions in fishing areas of the World Ocean (the southwestern Atlantic and the southeastern Pacific)

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    G.P. Vanyushin, T.B. Barkanova and A.A. Troshkov (Russia)
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    The paper presents a program of application of satellite and ship monitoring data on dynamics of the sea surface temperature (SST) in fishing areas For various time intervals (week, month, year, etc.). Sample monitoring of fishing areas in the south-western Atlantic and the southeastern Pacific includes: a set of maps of weekly mean SST and monthly mean SST; resulted maps of gradients, tendencies, difference, and anomalies of SST; analysis of these maps during studying of monthly mean and interannual variability of SST; results of comparison of maps of monthly mean SST in various years and mean long-term SST data for the respective periods. Applications of all kinds of SST maps and results of their analyses in the process of estimation and development of the forecast of fishing conditions are determined.