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    The area north of Joinville–D’Urville Islands (Subarea 48.1)
    a former fishing ground at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula
    – revisited

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    K.-H. Kock (Germany), L. Pshenichnov (Ukraine), K. Skora (Poland), Zh.A. Frolkina (Russia) and C.D. Jones (USA)
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    The former fishing ground off Joinville – D’Urville Island was revisited in the course of the Antarctic Expedition ANT XIX/3 with RV ‘Polarstern’ in February 2002. Five hauls were conducted north of Joinville Island – D’Urville Island at 149 m to 282 m depth on 21 February 2002. Published and unpublished reports by the Fischkombinat in Rostock (ex- German Democratic Republic), Sea Fisheries Institute in Gdynia (Poland) and material available in YugNIRO, Kerch (Ukraine) from ex-Soviet fishing operations in the 1970’s and 1980’s were analysed in order to provide a comprehensive review of fishing activities in that area hitherto unavailable to CCAMLR.