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    New Zealand Draft National Plan of Action – Seabirds

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    J. Nicolson and D. Randall (New Zealand)
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    Information on mackerel icefish that has been presented at WG-FSA is summarised and the information augmented by reference to published papers. The New Zealand government has released a draft National Plan of Action – Seabirds. The plan will apply to commercial and non- commercial fishing in New Zealand fisheries waters. It will also apply to high seas fisheries in which New Zealand flag carrying vessels participate. The plan proposes that Codes of Practice be developed for each fishery, and that the Codes specify fishing practices that will be adhered to, maximum bycatch limits, and methods to monitor compliance, education and public awareness. Specific fishing practices and bycatch limits will be made mandatory if not adhered to voluntarily in Codes of Practice. Economic incentives or penalties may also be developed if required. The New Zealand government will make final decisions on the plan in November 2003, following feedback from stakeholders.