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    Fishery-related information for WG-FSA-04

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    WG-FSA-04/5 Rev. 1
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    Information on CCAMLR fisheries of relevance to the work of WG-FSA is summarised. Additional fishery-related information can be found in WG-FSA-04/6, 04/7, 04/8 and 04/9 (summaries of observer data), WG-FSA-SAM-04/4 (Development of Fishery Plans), SC-CAMLR-XXIII/BG/1 (catches in the Convention Area) SC-CAMLR-XXIII/BG/3 (summary of notification for new and exploratory fisheries), SCIC-04/3 (estimates of IUU catches) and CCAMLR-XXIII/BG/8 (implementation of conservation measures) and CCAMLR-XXIII/38 (Monitoring CCAMLR Fisheries).