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    Setting a minimum line length for line sink rate testing: a review of existing data and some preliminary proposals for CCAMLR consideration in revising Conservation Measure 24-02 (2004)

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    N. Smith (New Zealand)
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    This paper provides a brief descriptive analysis of some of the available data on the length of longlines used in exploratory fisheries and some of the data describing longline sink rate trials. In Sub-area 88.1 the maximum length of longline used by auto longline system vessels is approximately 15 000 m. The maximum length of longline used by Spanish longline system vessels is approximately 37 500 m. The mean length of research and exploratory sets is very similar for autoline system vessels. However, for Spanish longline system vessels research sets are generally just over half the length of exploratory sets. Based on this review and our knowledge of longline sink rates options for revising Conservation Measure 24-02 (2004) are proposed.