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    Use of a deep-water longline of the Spanish type and its modifications in the Russian research of Ross Sea toothfish during the season 2004/05–2005/06

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    N.V. Kokorin and I.G. Istomin (Russia)
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    The description of a design of longline of the "spanish type" on European hake (Merluccius merluccius) fishery in the coastal and deep waters of the North Atlantic and its modifications used on fishery of Antarctic toothfish (D. mawsoni) and Patagonian toothfish (D. eleginoides) in waters of the Antarctic Region is given. The operational experience by the longline of the «spanish type» by two vessels under the Russian flag ("Yantar" and "Volna") in Antarctic waters (seasons 2004/05-2005/06) is described.