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    K. Rivera and N. Smith (Co-conveners of ad hoc WG-IMAF)

    This paper reports on the one-day workshop held at the CCAMLR Headquarters, Hobart, Australia on 10th October 2008 to review the future of the ad hoc WG-IMAF. The workshop briefly reviewed the history of ad hoc WG-IMAF and considered the current work programme of CCAMLR with respect to the current and future role of ad hoc WG-IMAF. The workshop briefly considered future scenarios under which it might operate and the implications for its work. The workshop agreed that in future ad hoc WG-IMAF should continue to focus on the direct impacts of fishing and marine debris on seabirds and marine mammals as well as developing, an effective relationship between CCAMLR and ACAP. The workshop noted that this scope was a part of the broader contribution of CCAMLR to the conservation of these taxa. The key recommendations from the workshop to be considered by WG-IMAF are: o revised terms of reference for WG-IMAF to reflect a purpose and revised scope of the group; o in the short-medium term WG-IMAF should place a particular focus on a reduction in incidental mortality of seabirds associated with fishing in those areas of the Convention Area where this still occurs; o that the current timing and duration of meetings are appropriate but should be kept under annual review; and o medium term functions for WG-IMAF to address as possible.