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    Some aspects of the by-catch fish spawning and oogenesis

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    V. Prutko (Ukraine) and D. Chmilevsky (Russia)

    On the basis of the biological material collected on some by-catch fishes during Antarctic toothfish fishery from 2002 till 2008 in different areas of the Southern Ocean (Collaboration Sea, D'Urville, Ross and .mundsen Seas) it was established that spawning of C. dewitti and species X occurred on the continental slope and raisings at depths about 1000-1500 m, C. antarcticus - on the continental shelf at depth of 300-600 m during summer season (may be autumn for sp. X) of the southern hemisphere, generally. Probably, the significant part of C. dewitti mature females missed spawning, and the spawning portion of some large females was only about 1000-1500 yolk oocytes One of the by catch fish species is supposed to be a monocyclic. The revealed aspects and uncertainty factors available at present concerning knowledge of by-catch fish reproductive biology should be taken into account while managing Antarctic toothfish fishery.

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