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    Results of phase I of the Russian research program for toothfish fishery in Subarea 88.3 during the 2010/11 season

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    Delegation of Russia

    In accordance with decision of SC-CCAMLR in 2010, the Russian Federation conducted research fishery on toothfish in Subarea 88.3 in the season 2010/11. The researches were carried out onboard longliner Sparta (company “Morskoi Voron”). In total, 20 trotline sets at different depths have been made, the total number of exposed hooks being 87,096. The research program covered SSRU B, C, and D of Subarea 88.3. In SSRU A longlines were not investigated because ice conditions were difficult. All toothfish catches and by-catch were subjected to biological analysis. 30 toothfish individuals of different size were tagged, size distribution of tagged fish being in accordance with the size distribution of fish of catches. Material sampled included 240 otoliths for age determination, 53 samples for genetic analysis and 42 samples for histological analysis. In total, 256 toothfish individuals were caught that corresponded to 5,230 t by weight. The detailed data on size composition, spatial and bathymetric distribution of toothfish, and its feeding in Subarea 88.3 B-D were obtained.