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    New data on depths inhabited by striped-eyed rock cod Lepidonotothen kempi (Norman) (Nototheniidae) off Bouvet Island

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    A.F. Petrov
    (J. Ichthyol., 51 (8) (2011): 683–685)

    In 2010 on the southern slope of Bouvet Island, I found L. kempi at still greater depth in the course of fishery for toothfish onboard of 1 Insung Korean longliner. In the first case, mature specimens with absolute length (TL) of 39–45 cm and weight of 0.8–1.3 kg
    were found in stomachs of Antarctic toothfish caught at depths of 1500–1900 m. In the second case at 54°32′7 S and 03°46′8 W, three specimens of striped-eyed rock cod were caught (one female and two males) at a depth of 2033 m.