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    Contribution to knowledge on age and growth of Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni) from Division 58.4.1

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    L.J. López-Abellán, M.T.G. Santamaría, R. Sarralde and S. Barreiro (Spain)
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    Mr Roberto Sarralde Vizuete (Spain)

    A summary of progress made regarding the ageing and growth studies for Dissostichus mawsoni from Division 58.4.1 is presented. It is included the methodology used in the otolith preparation and the interpretation criteria applied on age estimation, as well as the age-length key and growth parameters estimates by sex. Growth parameters obtained using length-age pair values are: L: 154.4, k: 0.1399 and t0: 1.321 for males; L: 166.6, k: 0.1322 and t0: 1.571 for females; and L: 168.2, k: 0.1141 and t0: 0.8488 all combined.