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    Measurement of capacity in CCAMLR exploratory fisheries in Subareas 88.1 and 88.2: Secretariat update 2015

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    CCAMLR Secretariat
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    Dr Keith Reid (CCAMLR Secretariat)

    This paper presents an update of the metrics of capacity and capacity utilisation presented in WG-SAM 14/19 in order to monitor trends in capacity in exploratory toothfish fisheries in Subareas 88.1 and 88.2. The updated metrics show the same pattern as the metrics based on the data up 2013 and do not indicate an excess capacity in the fishery. A measure of potential daily fishing capacity as a function of the catch limit for an area indicates that for some management areas the notified fishing capacity is in excess of the level that would allow the Secretariat to forecast and issue a closure notice.

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