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    An updated assessment of unicorn icefish (Channichthys rhinoceratus) in Division 58.5.2, based on results from the 2015 random stratified trawl survey

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    D. Maschette and J. Dell (Australia)
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    Dr Dirk Welsford (Australia)

    The annual Random Stratified Trawl Survey was undertaken within Division 58.5.2 during May 2015. Recent work which is presented here has allowed for many of the biological parameters of Channichthys rhinoceratus to be updated from previous assessments (Constable et al. 1998) and many parameters to be calculated which were previously unknown for the area within Division 58.5.2. This paper provides both short (2 years) and long term (20 years) projections of unicorn icefish structure, abundance and yield for the area of Division 58.5.2 to the west of 79°20’ E using standard CCAMLR methods. Short term projections indicate 2208 t for the 2015/16 season and 1689 t for the 2016/17 season, while long term projections (20 year) indicate sustainable yield of 1663 t.